Vegetation Management

Wildland Urban Interface Inspections

Each year the Auburn Fire Department will be conducting wildland urban interface inspections and education based on the rated fire hazard severity zone determined by Cal Fire (See Below). The focus will be on compliance with City of Auburn Fuel Modification Standards and Requirements as well as education for homeowners on steps to mitigate the effects of a wildfire. Click to expand.

Fire Hazard Severity Zone Map

Our additional map further breaks down the priority and order for each neighborhood’s inspection based on its fire hazard severity. As we complete our inspections, we will update the colors of the map to show our progress.
Below is a map of our current WUI inspection progress:

* Green indicates completed
* Red indicates not completed

Weed Abatement Process

Working with your neighbor through education and cooperation will save time, money, and resources. Please see the Public Education section for ideas on how to get started both on your own home and as a community.

1. File a Weed Abatement complaint.
2. Verification of the complaint by the Auburn Fire Department and attempt to resolve.
3. 1st Initial Notice: Courtesy to property owners to abate weeds
4. Declaration of Nuisance Report to the City Council.
5. Verification by the Auburn Fire Department for compliance.
6. 2nd Notice: Notice to Destroy/Abate weeds
7. Order for Abatement & Public Hearing
8. Verification by the Auburn Fire Department for compliance.
9. 3rd Notice: Notice to Property Owner to Abate or City will perform abatement
10. Abatement of the property
11. Bill sent to property owner

Open Burning

Residents are encouraged to seek alternatives to open burning, such as chipping, mulching, composting and utilizing the city's "Green Waste" program. All open burning within the city limits of Auburn requires a permit issued by the Auburn City Fire Department.

Burn Permit Locations:

City Hall- Room 8
Fire Station #2- 226 Sacramento Street

Burning Regulations

Open burning within the city limits is allowed November 1 through May 31 but may be suspended at any time during a declared fire danger season. The following regulations are in effect for all open burning within the city limits of Auburn:

Burning is allowed only with a valid permit from the Auburn City Fire Department.
Burning is allowed only on "burn days." To access "burn day" information, call 530-889-6868.
Burn hours are from 8 a.m. to 1 hour after sunset. Burning is not permitted after dark.
Burning in barrels is not permitted.
Only dried vegetation may be burned. Lawn clippings, finished wood products, household garbage and related materials cannot be burned.
Burn pile must be located at least 50' from a building and have 10' clearance around the pile.
A water supply and long-handled shovel must be present or close by.
A responsible adult must be in attendance at all times.
Restrictions are also placed on open burning within Placer County. Information can be obtained by contacting Placer County Air Pollution Control District at 530-745-2330.

Check Burn Day Status HERE