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Auburn Streetscape Phase 2 Project Description

Phase II of Streetscape construction is from Elder's Bus Station to Pine Street along Lincoln Way. Streetscape Phase II includes the replacement of overhead utilities with underground utilities, new streetlights, replacement of curb, gutter and sidewalks, and the installation of stormwater filtration/attenuation swales in planting areas along the street.

Phase II- Weekly Newsletters- UDA Streetscape Project:

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Streetscape Phase 1 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Streetscape Phase 1 ribbon ceremony will be from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 24th at the Streetscape Project with music provided by No Hands Band during the event. The event is hosted by the City of Auburn and the Auburn Chamber of Commerce with music provided during the event by No Hands Band.
The Auburn Chamber of Commerce will be selling drinks including local beer, local wine, soda and water along with Virgil Traynor and his band of cooks will be selling barbeque trip tip and chicken sandwiches with proceeds going to the Auburn Rotary and the local projects that they do for our community.

Streetscape Phase 1 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Press Release

The Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Streetscape Phase 1 Project is scheduled to occur at 8:30am on Wednesday, July 15. This event will take place in the future Endurance Plaza directly across from the Wells Fargo Bank at the intersection of High and Lincoln Way in Downtown Auburn.

Auburn Streetscape Phase 1 Project Description

The first phase of the project is centered on the intersection of Lincoln Way and High Street. This intersection will be realigned, creating the Auburn Endurance Capital Plaza. The plaza honors winners of the Tevis Cup and Western States Endurance Run and is designed to host special ceremonies and events.

The plaza includes the following:

Three art pedestals,
A fire pit seating area,
Planter pots,
A living Christmas tree,
Granite pavers that will recognize participants of the endurance competitions for extraordinary achievement.
New fences along the surrounding buildings create outdoor space that may be used as café seating areas or display space.

The project also includes the installation of stormwater filtration/ attenuation swales in planting areas along the street. New architectural lighting will be added to all buildings and overhead utilities will be replaced or relocated underground.

Documents for the Current UDA Streetscape Project:

Construction Schedule (531 KB)-07/01/09

Weekly Newsletters- UDA Streetscape Project:

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