Transparency in Bargaining

In 2013, The Auburn City Council adopted a "Transparency in Bargaining" policy to amend the current procedures that govern the
collective bargaining process. The proposal is designed to give the public a better understanding of what is being requested by the City, by the City's various bargaining units, the fiscal impacts on the City, and to provide a public review period of an agreed
upon MOU prior to its final Council approval.

The policy includes the following:
• Negotiations shall begin 120 days prior to expiration of the MOU. Then, 90 days prior to
expiration, initial proposals shall be made public.
• Continue negotiations behind closed doors with status reports to the council in closed
• Following the conclusion of the negotiation process, staff will provide a two-week
review period of the tentative agreement (including fiscal impacts) prior to final action
being taken by the Council at a subsequent meeting with the item placed on the Regular

Below are any tentative agreements posted according to this policy: