Home Assessments

Wildfire Structure Ignition Assessment

Our firefighters have received special training on how to "harden" structures within our community. This assessment is designed to help determine “how vulnerable the structure” will be during a wildfire and to convey recommendations that should be taken so that the home will have a better chance to survive.
Remember, the assessment items are for preventing/mitigating measures to be done well in advance of a wildfire.
The assessment will take approximately 30-60 minutes and will require the homeowner to be in attendance at all times. After the assessment, the fire official will go over the findings/recommendations with the homeowner.

To schedule a structure assessment at your residence, please adhere to the following:
1. You must be located within the City of Auburn. (Check Here)
2. You must fill out all fields on the scheduling form.
3. You must be present during the inspection (last approximately 30 minutes).
4. You must be flexible with the scheduling (Please list multiple days/times preferred).
5. Inspections are scheduled on a first come basis.

Scheduling Form HERE