Business Improvement Grants



Available Grants of up to $3,000 for Qualified Applicants.  Apply Now Through September 30, 2022*

Buildings and commercial spaces are the most important physical component of any business district, economically, functionally, and aesthetically.  Better aesthetics increase property values, improve the marketability of space within the buildings and draw business and residents to the area.

In support of the City's Economic Development Commission's (EDC) mission to support local businesses and boost the local economy, the Business Improvement Grant Program has been established.  The object of this grant is for the ECD to partner with its businesses and commercial property owners to improve store fronts and façade.

Diversification and adaptation are key to business success and the EDC would like to participate with local businesses on this strategy; therefore, "Business Improvement" under this program is a no holds barred approach to economic development where the needs and ides of a business can be met with the resources to implement.   

While the below list is not exhaustive, examples of improvements that could be funded under this grant are:

- Façade Improvements - signs, visual treatments (paint, stucco, windows, etc.), awnings, landscaping, non-movable decorative items.

- Technical Assistance - web design, virtual storefronts, subscriptions to online payment services (one-time initial payment only), technology used to capture images of products, items used in the shipping of products.

- Manufacturing - tools, equipment and items used in the manufacturing, compounding, or development of products.

-  Business Fixtures - tables and chairs used to expand the number of seats available at a restaurant, retail display items used to better market materials, display lighting, point of sale machines 

Auburn EDC Funding Policy 

How to Apply...

2 Easy Ways to Apply


Email the completed EDC Business Improvement Application to


In Person:

Bring the completed EDC Business Improvement Application to Room 3 of the Auburn City Hall building during normal business hours

Application Deadline:

September 30, 2022 @ 4 PM

*Grant requests received after 4 PM on September 30, 2022 will be considered late and will not be accepted

Grant funds must be used on or before February 1, 2023