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Aug 04

Car in the Shop? No Problem with Auburn On-Demand

Posted on August 4, 2022 at 2:46 PM by Amy Lind

It’s no surprise that dealing with car troubles is something that drivers want to completely avoid. The absence of your vehicle often means planning ahead and seeking out other means of transportation while your ride is in the shop. This complicated dance can be avoided when you live in the City of Auburn, thanks to the reliable Auburn On-Demand ride-share service. 

If you’re worried about what to do while your car is in the shop, or you are between vehicles, the best transportation service in Placer County is here for you. It is easy to get around town even when your vehicle is being serviced when you request a ride from Auburn On-Demand. With Auburn On-Demand transit you can: 

  • Run errands 

  • Get to and from your place of work

  • Visit the doctor

  • Shop local

  • Bring home groceries from the store or farmer’s market 

  • Visit restaurants, wineries and breweries 

  • Enjoy seasonal festivities

  • Take a walk around the park

  • Visit friends who lives in the City of Auburn

Better than Rideshare Services

When you’re without a vehicle, finding a Lyft or an Uber to take you where you need to go is one option. However, this is not the most reliable mode of transportation, unless perhaps you are in a large city. 

Recently, the city of Auburn developed an affordable, safe, and dependable ride sharing service to specifically meet the needs of our community. When you choose Auburn On-Demand you know you’re in the trusted hands of an organization that cares about the wellbeing of our citizens here in the foothills. 

Whether your car is in the shop for a few hours for an oil change or a few weeks for a major repair, you can rely on Auburn On-Demand to pick you up from the mechanic shop, take you to run errands, drive you home, and take you back to get your vehicle when it’s done being serviced. With Auburn On-Demand you can now enjoy less stress and more convenience, and no longer have to worry about inconveniencing friends and family by asking for rides around town.

Affordability for All

It is important to the City of Auburn that our ride-share service be affordable and accessible to everyone in the community no matter income level or circumstances. Each ride with Auburn On-Demand is only $3.50, which can be paid through the TransLoc app or with cash when you board the electric bus. 

Since gas prices have gone up to record highs in recent weeks, our ride share service might just be cheaper than driving. With the expenses that come along with your car being in the shop, the affordability of our service gives you peace of mind and assures that you won’t have to spend an additional fortune paying for a rental car while you wait to get your vehicle back. 

Booking is Easy

The TransLoc app is free and makes it easy and convenient to request or schedule each ride whenever you need it. Signing up is simple; just enter your first name, phone number, email, and create a password. This will set up your account and then you’ll be ready to book your seat on the transit bus. 

If you’d prefer not to download the app, you can simply pay in cash when you step onto the comfortable shuttle. To schedule your ride without the app call (530) 906–3171. Phone dispatch is available Monday through Friday 8:30 to 430pm. If you need to transfer from the Auburn Loop Bus to Auburn-On Demand Bus, this requires that you purchase a separate fare. 

The Auburn On-Demand transit service bus is available from 6am to 8pm on Mondays, through Wednesdays, and extended weekend hours of 6am to 11pm Thursdays through Saturdays. We look forward to making your next trip convenient and enjoyable!