Vacation Property Check

Vacation Property Check Program

The Auburn Police Department offers a no-cost program in which volunteers or officers will check on your property while you are away on vacation, business, or attending family matters.

In your absence, the Auburn Police Volunteers will provide periodic security checks of your property. They will immediately report any suspicious activity to patrol officers to investigate.

How does it work?

If you are planning on being away more than a few days you can fill out a Vacation Check Request form and submit it to the Auburn Police Records Division. Please make sure the form is filled out completely. It needs to be completed two days before leaving. Vacation checks are normally provided on the weekdays, during normal business hours. Checks may also be done on the weekends or after business hours when staffing is available. Uniformed Volunteers will make a visual check of your house, as well as make sure there is no obvious damage to any property. They will not enter backyards or any fenced areas.

Will I be notified if an incident occurs on my property?

Yes, as long as you have provided a good contact number.

In the case of an emergency or the need for patrol officers to respond, the volunteers will contact the person/number listed under “Emergency Contact”. Anyone listed as a key holder will also be notified if there is an issue with securing the property.

To start the process, complete the vacation check form.

Vacation Safety Considerations

  • Stop newspaper delivery or have someone pick up the paper
  • Have the Post Office hold your mail or have someone pick it up
  • Arrange deliveries to not leave packages by the front door
  • Arrange for trash/waste bin not to be left on street
  • Notify trusted neighbor, family member, security service(alarm company)