Policies and Procedures Manual

The Auburn Police Department’s Policy Manual is guided by Lexipol, which is based on constitutional law and identified "best practices" within the law enforcement community. In order to maintain high levels of professional conduct, policies and procedures are established to provide both guidance and serve as a reference to employees of the Department. It should be noted the manual is not a substitute for critical thinking and good judgment. No written guidance can anticipate the wide range of human behaviors that police officers and professional staff may encounter, nor can we be expected to predict every possible contingency. As always, Auburn Police Department personnel are expected to use their best professional judgment and our basic human decency to guide our actions

In compliance with SB 978, and commencing January 1, 2020, the Auburn Police Department’s shall post all current standards, polices, practices, operating procedures, and education and training material that would otherwise be available to the public if a request was made pursuant to the California Public Records Act. This Policy Manual is subject to frequent updates based upon changes in State laws, Federal laws, and/or identified best practices. As changes occur, the most recent policies will be posted on our website.  

Disclaimer: Certain policies, practices, operating procedures, and training material relating to sensitive security, tactics, and officer safety issues have not been disclosed in accordance with California Government Code Section 6254(f), 6254(aa), adn 6254(ab).

Policies and Procedures Manuals