Traffic Committee

Regular Meetings

  • 3rd Tuesday of odd months at 8:30am; unless posted otherwise
  • Auburn City Hall
    1225 Lincoln Way, Room 10
    Auburn, CA 95603


  • Vacant, Traffic Engineer
  • Fred Vitas, Planning Commissioner
  • Mike Holmes, Council Member

  • Ryan Kinnan, Police Chief
  • Planning and Public Works Manager Mengil Deane

About the Committee

The Traffic Committee consists of the 1 City Council member, 1 Planning Commissioner, the Police Chief, and the Planning and Public Works Director. The committee reviews traffic and parking issues throughout the city.

Speed Bumps Prohibited

Please note that per Measure Q you can not request any type of speed bump:
  • § 70.70 Speed Bumps. The use or any kind of undulation device, commonly referred to as "speed bumps, " "speed humps, " "bypass humps" or the use of any concave axle-descending street device, commonly referred to as "street dips" or "speed dips, " for any purpose is hereby prohibited on all streets, roads and other public thoroughfares within the City of Auburn. (1973 Code, § 4-4.1701) (Ordinance 99-2, effective March 26, 1999)

More Information

If you have any questions, please email Amy Lind or call her at 530-823-4211, ext. 112.