Tile Nominations

The Streetscape History and Art Advisory Committee (SHAAC) meets regularly to review nominations for tiles to be engraved in the completed portions of Auburn's Streetscape. Please review the Criteria for Selection of Streetscape Tiles or Amenities the SHAAC uses to determine which tiles are approved. Also, view a tile example here.

After reviewing the tile criteria and tile example, you can download a Tile Nomination Form and submit it to the City Clerk. The committee will only approve a maximum of 10 tiles a year, half of which must be of historical significance that occurred before 1945.

The submission of a nomination does not guarantee that the request will be approved. Even if the SHAAC approves the submission, it is nothing more than a recommendation to the City Council, and it is ultimately the Council's decision whether or not to approve the submission. The SHAAC only reports to Council twice a year for tile approvals, so expect the process to take a minimum of 6 months.