Stay Safe

Virtual Neighborhood Watch

When neighbors start talking, good things happen. Check out how this neighborhood watch presentation.

Make the Right Call Matrix

How do you know when to call? Which line to call? Check out our Matrix.

Home Security Systems

From the big national brands with multiple monitoring centers to DIY systems you can watch from your smart device, there are thousands of home security options to choose from. The best alarm system for your house makes life safer and more comfortable without breaking your budget or feeling too complicated. But how do you choose one?

Family Safety

We've carefully considered the different threats you might face both inside your home and out, and we've rounded up the best products to help you prepare for anything life throws at you.

On-line Safety

If you thought it was tough to keep kids off the internet before COVID-19, it’s almost impossible now.

Between mandated online school and playdates via video chat, chances are you and your kids are spending a lot more time online in quarantine than ever before. For some, it may be the first time you’ve explored this new frontier with your little one.

Unfortunately, it’s not all academia and family connections—the internet can be a risky place, especially for children.

Senior Safety

Internet safety for seniors is much the same as internet safety for anyone else. They need to be educated about how to handle threats, how to safely use social media, and how to keep their software up to date—especially antivirus programs.

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