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Your application must be reviewed and approved before you are permitted to burn. 

For Burn Permit Issuance:

Burn Permits are required to be issued annually within the City of Auburn. To see if you reside within the City of Auburn, please see the map below.

City Limit Map for Burn Permit Page

Burning Regulations
Open burning within the city limits is allowed tentatively October through May 31 but may be suspended at any time during a declared fire danger season. The following regulations are in effect for all open burning within the city limits of Auburn:

  • Burning is allowed only with a valid permit from the Auburn City Fire Department.
  • Burn hours are from 8 a.m. to 1 hour after sunset. Burning is not permitted after dark.
  • Burning in barrels is not permitted.
  • No burning shall be undertaken unless weather conditions (particularly the wind) are such that they can reasonably be considered safe (less than 15 mph during burning period).
  • This permit is valid only on those days which are not prohibited by the State Air Resources   Board pursuant to Section 41855 of the Health & Safety Code or by the Local Air Pollution Control District.
  • Agricultural waste shall be dried as required, arranged to facilitate efficient burning, free of visible moisture, ignited with approved devices, and be free of wastes such as tires, rubbish, tar paper, or construction debris.
  • Burning operations authorized by this permit shall be: (a) attended by at least one able-bodied adult person at all times; (b) confined within cleared firebreaks or barriers adequate to prevent it from escaping control; (c) regulated in size at all times to insure proper control by the number of adult persons attending it.
  • No burning within 50 feet of any structure and have a 10' clearance around the pile.
  • You own or legally control the above described land. You agree to comply with all fire laws, ordinances, regulations, and with all applicable Air Pollution Control District rules and regulations. You further agree to comply with the specific terms of the burning permit issued to you.
  • You can be held criminally & civilly liable for escaped fires.
  • You can only burn on permissive burn days. You must call 530-889-6868 prior to burning.

Burn Diagram

If you can’t burn, please consider using the Placer County Chipper.

Updated Chipper Flyer

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