Information Technology

The City of Auburn uses a contract company for our IT services. Founded in 1982 in Auburn, Protronics is a leading provider of computer networking solutions and support services for small to medium-sized businesses and start-up companies.
For more information on Protronics, visit their website.

City of Auburn Catalog of Enterprise Systems - Senate Bill No. 272 (SB 272)
Senate Bill No. 272
CHAPTER 795 - An act to add Section 6270.5 to the Government Code, relating to public records.
This bill requires each local agency, except a local educational agency, in implementing the California Public Records Act, to create a catalog of enterprise systems, as defined, to make the catalog publicly available upon request in the office of the person or officer designated by the agency’s legislative body, and to post the catalog on the local agency’s Internet Web site.

The bill requires the catalog to disclose a list of the enterprise systems utilized by the agency, and, among other things, the current system vendor and product, unless, on the facts of the particular case, the public interest served by not disclosing that information clearly outweighs the public interest served by disclosure, in which case the local agency may instead provide a system name, brief title, or identifier of the system. Learn more about SB 272

City of Auburn's Catalog of Enterprise Systems